Races Update

I’ve finally found the time to begin some of the groundwork for this new blog project (law school and job applications really take it out of ya!), and managed to updated the “Races I’ve Run” page on this snowy day! Check it out to follow my (short) running history and my nascence as a baby runner (LOL). I will keep this section of my blog regularly updated and will add a new recap with each new race I run.

I’m also excited to announce that I have officially signed up for my first 2014 races! I will be running the St. Pat’s 5k in my beloved Providence on March 8th and the Newton 10k on May 18th. They will be my 4th 5k and 2nd 10k, respectively. I was thinking of maybe training for a half marathon as the Cox Rhode Races are coming up in my native RI, but want to wait a bit and work on my speed before jumping in to 13.1 miles relatively early in my running career. That, and the main reason is that I promised a friend that I would compete in a Tough Mudder with him (ack!) and think that training for a faster, stronger 10k would complement the strength training and trail running that I need for TM more than distance-focused training would. That said, I will definitely look to run in a half marathon at a different point in time! I’ve only got time for so much in my last semester of college (O.o).

But more on Tough Mudder, etc., later. I’m off to finish up some last-minute things as I get ready to start my last semester (*sobs*).

May your hump day be productive!



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