“Here’s a Surprising Look at What Sleep Deprivation Does to your Body” 

“Here’s a Surprising Look at What Sleep Deprivation Does to your Body”

In case you need an explanation as to why I haven’t been posting recently (especially as I promised to post about BARCC walk…), here you go. I’m having an inexplicably busy and grueling week, and am just work work working and trying to spend any free time I have catching up on the sleep I’ve missed. So, here’s this article, just because I think everyone, though students especially, need a reminder about how vital sleep is to our overall well-being.

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“Why Fitness Rest Days Are Really Not Optional” 

“Why Fitness Rest Days Are Really Not Optional”

Great piece via Well + Good. Read up, folks! This is crucial material. I’m feeling in need of a skip day right now – today was supposed to be my rest day and that didn’t really end up happening. 

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Spring in my step


It is high time for another post. Don’t think I had forgotten!

Today in Boston it reached 70 degrees. Do you know what that means? Everyone was in full-on tanning mode, in shorts and t-shirts like it was mid-July! I’m so happy that it is finally getting nice out – it’s been a very long and harsh winter! Cheesily, I must remark that this long and harsh winter’s melting away into a late spring mirrors my own senior year. Basically, after spring break’s sunshine and acceptance into law school, I am emotionally pounds lighter than I was in the winter!

What I want the rest of my senior year to be.

What I want the rest of my senior year to be.

My training thus far for my upcoming 10k has been going really well – I have been consistently faster and stronger than I have been in the past! If you recall I have run a 10k before, so this will be my 2nd one. I have been doing really well during my speed workouts, and even set a new (indoor) 5k PR for myself! I can’t say exactly what my goals for this 10k are at this point in my training (besides finishing with relative ease and comfort), but I would really love to come in at under 10’00″/mile. I know that doing that with my 5k is one thing, but twice that distance is another for me. By the time the first mile or two have gone by, I’m rapidly slowing down if I’m running off a treadmill.

That said, I was able to get in the longest run I’ve been on in a while outside today with the gf because it was so gorgeous. Maybe even too gorgeous… I was so thirsty! I have a great Nathan hydration belt, but I discovered it doesn’t work very well on my body. I think those things are really meant for men and women with curveless bodies, not someone with a lot of junk in the trunk but a small waist! Luckily, my gf fit much better into the belt, and we were able to bring along much-needed hydration for our 6 miles. We felt great afterward! Running outside again is key for me, as I haven’t been able to do much of that until recently, and the uneven surfaces, dips, and inclines are something you can’t do as well on a treadmill! As I type this I’m goofily wearing compression calf sleeves under my jeans 😛

Evidence of spring - finally!

Evidence of spring – finally!

The Rec Department at my college also adorably hosted a “Spring Day” today, and there were so many cute dogs (we all know about my animal obsession… right?). They had fun little crafts and activities, so the gf and I went to say hi to friends and grab some free swag because I am like a Depression-era grandmother in my dedication to free things. Included in our swag were green Wellesley rec sunglasses, little gym towels (perfect for sweaty old me), and tons of energy bars (Luna bar, Clif, and Kind) and even a Gatorade table with free gel chews packs and drinks. More snacks are always a necessity for me – I always get hungry at work between lunch and dinner!

Speaking of food, because I am a totally obnoxious “foodie” who Instagrams pictures of her food, I need to share pictures from last night’s date here. Yes, I know I am a tool. No, I will not stop OR give you a bite! That means that I can provide you delicious pictures like the one below from last night’s date with the lady:

Korean stone bowl with tofu, rice, veggies, a fried egg, and slightly spicy and sweet sauce drizzled on top. Don't tell me that's not internet-worthy!

Korean stone bowl with tofu, rice, veggies, a fried egg, and slightly spicy and sweet sauce drizzled on top. Don’t tell me that’s not internet-worthy!

I’m going to have a busy day tomorrow – lots of homework to do, and I will be participating in the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s Walk for Change in the AM! Pictures and a recap to follow.

Peace, sweat and love,



Moments of Tranquility

Hey there!

I just have to share this with you. This is the view from an evening run this week. Just as I was cooling down and heading to the gym for an arm workout, I stopped and stared at the sun setting from the lake. In all seriousness, I have no idea how long I stood there. I kept staring at the water and the beautiful sky as these two geese cut across the water and came to shore. I forgot where I was for a while, until I was pulled back to reality minutes later when I realized that other humans could see me and that it was actually getting chilly rather quickly.




Here’s to hoping that you all have moments of tranquility, nature-inspired or not! In the midst of a crazy week back after spring break, it was nice to have that moment of absolute breathlessness… That mental clarity and euphoria is why I run and work out! I’m the kind of person who has to tire myself out to clean my mental slate. I am a huge believer in the power of endorphins, obviously!

See you on the interwebs again very soon!

Peace, sweat and love,


Yoga, Spring, and Other things that make me happy


Sorry I didn’t update until now, I wanted to give a weekend recap sooner buuuuuuuut got caught up in all the work  I had to do come the end of spring break 😦

That said, I’ve actually had a really great week of workouts thus far, despite the fact that I am sad that I am not on vacation and especially that I am not on vacation in sunny LA. It’s actually been pretty nice out here in Boston – I went for a run outside yesterday for the first time since my 5k! And I wore shorts!

This past Sunday I decided to go to yoga at a nearby Lululemon (once again, props to them for hosting free weekly classes!), and got more than I had expected. I go to the classes pretty regularly, and they are held in store, usually with rotating instructors. So I show up at the store this week, and they tell me that yoga is at a nearby vintage automobile museum. Damn. So I drive a couple minutes down the road, and find an “Ignite your light” -themed 1-year anniversary party for this particular store.

The gorgeously designed theme for the store's birthday party, via their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lululemonchestnuthill)

The gorgeously designed theme for the store’s birthday party, via their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lululemonchestnuthill)

In the surreal, frozen world of these old cars, they had laid out tons of colorful Lululemon mats for everyone like a gorgeous patchwork quilt of yoga. After an awesome 1+ hours of yoga, the event organizers announced that each mat we were sitting on was ours to keep as a gift! That was a huge deal to me, because I have been dying for a new mat and the Lulu ones are super nice and thick, and around $65 to boot!

My toes looking pale on my brand-spanking-new complimentary fancy yoga mat!

My toes looking pale on my brand-spanking-new complimentary fancy yoga mat!

To top it off, they also gave us cute limited addition bags from their “If nothing stood in your way” campaign with a handwritten note and a personal goals sheet. Oh, and brunch was provided… WITH MIMOSAS. I could not believe it. After this, I am honestly really hoping to get a job at Lululemon this summer/to transition over during law school. I need a side job anyways, and why not one with a crazy community with perks like these? I know their former CEO is a nut job (Oh, Chip Wilson), but a side job there sounds super tempting and less stressful than a lot of other retail/service jobs I’d be looking at. Either way, we shall see!

In the meantime, keep calm and do yoga 😉