“I am a DKE” by Carlos Bello, Amerst ’14

I am a DKE by Carlos Bello, Amerst ’14

Friends, I have to make a serious post. I’m not sure if any of you have been following the recent happenings at Amherst regarding sexual assault and the recent ban on fraternities. If you haven’t, I suggest reading up on it quickly. Please note that it contains heavy subject matter and is also extremely touching. Tears may follow.

But whatever you do or do not read, please read this. It is a highly emotional and unimaginably brave piece by someone I am honored to call a friend. The discussions taking place surrounding Amherst, fraternities, and sexual assaults are understandably fraught. As someone whose job has been conducting research on sexual violence in schools, I know that all too well. I am committed to ending sexual violence in all forms, but I do not think a ban on Amherst fraternities in any way constitutes a serious commitment on the part of the administration to supporting survivors. I am of the belief that more comprehensive grassroots efforts must be made to change a culture that thrives virtually everywhere, not simply within the confines of the fraternity.

PS: Dear Carlos is single in addition to being an amazing writer 😉

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