About Me

Hey there!

My name is Gabriella and I’m a nerdy 20-something feminist from New England. I’m a self-styled superwoman sweating through life in search of balance and prosperity. I’m a horseback rider, longtime yogini, nascent runner, but most importantly a survivor.


I started this blog because I blogged years ago, flirted with Tumblr, but never stuck with either blog format. It wasn’t the space I wanted to create for myself. Now, years later, I am revisiting the blog because of the benefits it provided me when I blogged in the past during times when I was really struggling. The blogosphere was a place of positivity and support for me during my times of sickness, and creating a blog now about fitness, but more importantly health (on any and all levels) is radical for me.

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Why Peace.Sweat.Love? When I was very sick, I didn’t sweat. I was too weak to work out, and when I did my body simply couldn’t keep up. I lost my period, and I lost my sweat – two things that we tend not to appreciate about our bodies until they are gone. My illness tried to rein me in, to weaken me. So for me, doing something now like being capable of running a half marathon is nothing short of incredible. My peace with myself emotionally has always been rooted in my peace with my physical self. Today, I wear my sweat as a badge of courage, of strength, and of achievement. For me, those droplets of sweat that I used to consider so unimportant, even undesireable, have become harbingers of my liberation.


Peace, sweat and love,



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