Yoga, Spring, and Other things that make me happy


Sorry I didn’t update until now, I wanted to give a weekend recap sooner buuuuuuuut got caught up in all the work  I had to do come the end of spring break 😦

That said, I’ve actually had a really great week of workouts thus far, despite the fact that I am sad that I am not on vacation and especially that I am not on vacation in sunny LA. It’s actually been pretty nice out here in Boston – I went for a run outside yesterday for the first time since my 5k! And I wore shorts!

This past Sunday I decided to go to yoga at a nearby Lululemon (once again, props to them for hosting free weekly classes!), and got more than I had expected. I go to the classes pretty regularly, and they are held in store, usually with rotating instructors. So I show up at the store this week, and they tell me that yoga is at a nearby vintage automobile museum. Damn. So I drive a couple minutes down the road, and find an “Ignite your light” -themed 1-year anniversary party for this particular store.

The gorgeously designed theme for the store's birthday party, via their Facebook page (

The gorgeously designed theme for the store’s birthday party, via their Facebook page (

In the surreal, frozen world of these old cars, they had laid out tons of colorful Lululemon mats for everyone like a gorgeous patchwork quilt of yoga. After an awesome 1+ hours of yoga, the event organizers announced that each mat we were sitting on was ours to keep as a gift! That was a huge deal to me, because I have been dying for a new mat and the Lulu ones are super nice and thick, and around $65 to boot!

My toes looking pale on my brand-spanking-new complimentary fancy yoga mat!

My toes looking pale on my brand-spanking-new complimentary fancy yoga mat!

To top it off, they also gave us cute limited addition bags from their “If nothing stood in your way” campaign with a handwritten note and a personal goals sheet. Oh, and brunch was provided… WITH MIMOSAS. I could not believe it. After this, I am honestly really hoping to get a job at Lululemon this summer/to transition over during law school. I need a side job anyways, and why not one with a crazy community with perks like these? I know their former CEO is a nut job (Oh, Chip Wilson), but a side job there sounds super tempting and less stressful than a lot of other retail/service jobs I’d be looking at. Either way, we shall see!

In the meantime, keep calm and do yoga 😉


A post of gratitude


Look at that! 363 of you read my post about the Wellesley sleepwalker. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE. My blog started with a grand total of about 7 views.

More important than just clicks, of course, are the reactions that I got to my piece. People called me, sent me messages, with a spectrum of positive reactions ranging from tears to (unfounded) apologies. I even had one fellow survivor come out to me and tell me that my words had validated her own feelings about this debacle, and thanked me for sharing them. I was scared to do so, but I am so glad that I did in fact share these words.

This, then, is a post of gratitude and of humble admiration for you all. Thank you for your kindness and your support. By telling me that you appreciated my words, you made me feel appreciated and validated the complex set of emotions I’ve been dealing with all week. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am simply overjoyed that at least one person found peace in my writing.

In other (good) news, I have started running again! Another thing to be grateful for 🙂

I am about 4 weeks from my next 5k and really want to beat my PR. If I can, I would also like to come in under 30 minutes (about 9:40 pace). It’s definitely doable for me –  I just need to work on those hills and get off the treadmill… But the crazy amount of snow has totally been messing up those plans, in addition to my sad little shin splints! Finally ran yesterday, easy 3 mile tempo run, and felt AMAZING.

ah-mah-zing I practically leapt off the treadmill beaming with joy. I’m trying to be more conscious about how I land, and so far the pain in my left shin is better, but unfortunately still present at times. I’ve already done the responsible (and expensive *sadface*) thing and invested in some Pro Compression socks in the cutest Valentine’s day print that Run Eat Repeat included in a recent blog post. Also, because it’s me, I bought them 40% (saving a significant $20 off the hefty price tag of $50 – nice!).


I love them already! Can’t wait to wear them 🙂

I also made another recovery investment in a foam roller. Groupon was offering a discounted Trigger Point “The GRID” mini foam roller at about 30% off, so I snagged it at its sale price, because these things simply don’t go on sale. The mini size appealed to me as a beginner, and because of how travel-friendly it is.

GRID Mini - Multiple Large

I bought it in pink because, duh.

Reviews to come soon!

I’ll definitely have to look into different running shoes – likely my old sneakers are the cause of my newly problematic shins. I’m not complaining (well, except about the price tag…), but I just need to do some research on good, stable running shoes for novice-intermediate runners with absurdly flat duck feet. Any suggestions? I’ve been using the Nike Lunar Glide 4, and have really loved them to what appears to be their death.