Review: EveryMove app

Happy August!

I should preface this post with an apology to both my followers and also to Sweat Pink and EveryMove. Not only have I not been posting here, but I haven’t been able to post this overdue review of the EveryMove app here until now! Luckily, my days of working 7 days/week (sometimes twice in one day) are now behind me, especially after my body flat-out refused to go along with these antics and shut me down with a fever one particularly grueling no-days-off week.

I haven’t been posting, but I still have kept up my training (of course!) AND, furthermore, I have done so with a new staple to my training routine – EveryMove!

So EveryMove is a free app that basically rewards folks for an active lifestyle. This is done through a point system, where a certain number of points is rewarded for each activity done, depending on the duration and the strenuousness of said activity. These rewards are very tangible, too. They range from donations to cancer research to 25% coupons at various online stores. Not training for a Tough Mudder like me? Not a problem! There is a huge diversity of activities that “count” as moving in EveryMove. What EveryMove has set out to do and, in my opinion, has successfully done, is create a platform that celebrates active living and health in its diversity.

Because visuals are necessary, I’ve included some screenshots to help supplement my review.

2014-07-11 12.20.20


For the folks at EveryMove, it seems accessibility is key. For this reason, EveryMove syncs easily with existing platforms/networks. I synched both my Nike+ Running app and my account, which automatically update and are converted into EveryMove “points”.

2014-07-10 11.10.58

2014-07-10 11.10.53


Here is a good example not only of how EveryMove syncs with existing programs/platforms, but also how points are awarded based on the activity done.

2014-07-10 11.11.34

EveryMove also incentivizes users through old fashioned friendly competition. See how many points and levels you can rack up!

2014-07-14 21.45.14

2014-07-12 00.52.14


Rewards like this coupon for yoga towels (something I actually could use) make sure that your sweat and tears have a very real pay-off (besides physical and emotional well-being, of course!). Furthermore, EveryMove has partnered with a lot of independent and socially conscious companies, so should you choose to work for coupons, you can rest assured knowing that your dollars will be well-spent. Many of these companies also donate a portion of their proceeds from sales from EveryMove purchases to charity – so it’s like a bonus!

2014-07-10 11.10.42


Perfection: a discount on my obsession, healthy boxes-of-the-month.

2014-07-21 19.51.30



Whether you’re a gym eat or a fitness newbie trying to find a place to start, I definitely recommend EveryMove. It helps make exercise – of any kind! – accessible and fun. Not to mention (quite literally) rewarding! Keep track of your activity levels and reap the benefits – all for free! Perfect for health-conscious people on a budget like me 😉

Peace, sweat and love,

“25 small things you can do to make the world a kinder place” 

“25 small things you can do to make the world a kinder place”

Totally need this list right now – “25 Small Things You Can Do To Make The World A Kinder Place” via Lorna Jane’s amazing Move Nourish Believe site. It has been a long day and I am exhausted emotionally and physically! I just found out that I am being further waitlisted at Cornell Law, which is really frustrating and puts me in a very uncomfortable predicament regarding potential housing. *Sigh*. Nothing I can do about it right now. I think I’m just going to turn in early and get in some good zzz’s while I can. Sleep heals all!

Peace, sweat and love,