“I Am a Feminist”

Hi friends!

A quick post is in order, because I came across this amazing anonymous thought piece from one of my fellow ladies at the Law School entitled “I Am a Feminist”. This is the stuff the gives me life – this is pure spiritual nourishment for me!

“I like this new side of me. The side of me that relishes my curves in Alex Marie suits, that owns my height in Nine West heels, that holds her head high in makeup, hair, and jewelry – ready for the next interview, the next internship, the next opportunity. I like being feminine and professional at the same time. For years I ignored this core part of my identity in order to succeed on the basketball court, to succeed in the sciences. Without even realizing it, I tried to blend in with my male peers, to imitate their behaviors, to gain their respect and high esteem.”

My emotions in a nutshell.

My emotions in a nutshell.

I cannot describe how proud I am of my colleague who took the time to share her personal feminist “coming out” story. In law school especially, as she notes, being a woman is scary and, frankly, quite difficult. I commend her courage and her dedication to letting her voice be heard. I hope that neither she nor any of my woman/feminine peers ever stop demanding time and space from this very male-dominated institution!

Promise to post again soon! I have very exciting news 🙂

Peace, sweat and love,