Awesome article alert: “Sisters of the ‘Yogic’ Yam: bell hooks and the Yoga in Self-Recovery” by Sariane Leigh

I didn’t see this article back when it came out about 2 years ago, but it is definitely still relevant. You all know I love yoga, self-care and self-recovery, and making those things accessible. Well, I am not the one to speak on some of these experiences, but Sariane Leigh, a.k.a. Anacostia Yogi, does so and does so beautifully. I found her article Sisters of the “Yogic” Yam: bell hooks and the Yoga in Self-Recovery (a guest post on The Feminist Wire) while searching for a different article regarding renowned feminist scholar bell hooks, and just had to share. Leigh embodies a fitness and wellness philosophy that I strive for every day – one that is not about punishment or strict competition, but one that is focused on healing, self-love, and nourishment (physical and emotional/spiritual).

As if her beautiful work and impressive bio aren’t enough, Ms. Leigh has also compiled a list of curvy yogis to follow on Instagram! It’s like she knew I needed more curvy fitness on my feed 🙂

Peace, sweat and love,


Do you Know Your Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer? 

Do you Know Your Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer?

Superwoman Lindsay Avner has created an interactive tool at her site where women can assess their susceptability for breast and ovarian cancer. Incredibly important issue in women’s health today. I applaud her for taking the initiative to try to make a difference in women’s lives – and even save lives!

Be back tomorrow (technically later today) with a new post 🙂

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Feelings + race recap

Hey friends!

Super excited to say that I am DONE with my finals and, by extension, my undergraduate career. Feeling a bit weird about that. It hasn’t sunk in that I’m graduating in a week – maybe because I don’t really want to think about it. It’s honestly just strange, and I can’t really feel anything about it right now. This is highlighted by the fact that I don’t know exactly where I’ll be come fall, so I’m kind of just generally anxious.

BUT, per usual I need to get out of my own head and calm down. As you all know, I’ve already been accepted to BU Law as part of the class of 2017 , but here’s the wrinkle I maybe haven’t included: I’ve also been put on “reserve” at Cornell Law.

I really, really want to go to Cornell. I will get an update by the end of this month regarding my status: accept, deny, or further wait-listed. Knowing that I will find out any day now is killing me. I’m scared every time I open my inbox (not to mention that I check it obsessively). I even had a dream about it last night. Ugh.

But the other part of me knows that these worries come from a place of immense privilege, and that I need to stop and count my many blessings. I have to fight to remind myself to not play this game, because no one ever wins.

How do I fight this? Well, my blog, in part! This blog is representative of that desire to free myself from the (often self-imposed) shackles of my perfectionism. Peace.Sweat.Love is a mantra of sorts – hey, it works for me!

And so that’s why, to me, making a joint post about law school/future anxieties and a race recap makes sense. It’s not random – to me those things are connected. When I was running my 10k this past weekend and my Nike+ kept telling me my pace, I felt crushed that it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be. It was so distracting, in fact, that I almost forgot that my only job was to finish and to have fun. Why was I doing that, getting mad at myself for not running a PR? How on earth does that make sense? It’s moments like this when my old demons creep up and try to get in my head and erase everything I’ve taken so much time to (re)learn. Miles 2-4 I was in a terrible funk despite the fact that I was running this race with my loving S.O. and a dear mutual friend. Finally, mile 5 I started to get it. Or adrenaline kicked in, or I was just less grumpy because it wasn’t as hilly. We crossed the finish line together, and I had to remind myself that that was what I came for. By focusing too much on the end result, I ultimately forgot to stay present and cost myself some of the joy I could’ve gotten out of the experience.

Yeah, I definitely didn’t get a PR during this 10k like I did with my last 5k. But I think this forced me to address some important and consistent underlying fears I have. And like a lot of other people who find exercise to be a healing influence in their lives, sometimes I just have to physically tire myself out before my stubborn mind is willing to tackle my fears.

And if that doesn’t work for you, you can always laugh at how freaking ridiculous you look in your race photos next to your adorable friends and girlfriends. Look. at. my. face! LOL. Clearly I need to take myself waaaaayyy less seriously and take time to smile more often! Hopefully my induction into the Sweat Pink family will make that even easier 🙂




PS: Check the “Races I’ve Run” page in a bit for a more detailed run-down of my experience at the Newton 10k!

Peace, sweat and love,


A Post from Cloud Nine

You guys. I have so much news. So much exciting news!

So, obviously, you have my Friday post announcing 2 big things: a Vagina Monologues -spinoff I helped organize, and my St. Pat’s 5k. Basically, what happened is that BOTH WERE AMAZING SUCCESSES. I’m so happy. I can’t even…! I’ve just been floating around this weekend.


The Wellesley Monologues? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I’ll let the crowd that showed speak for itself…


The pub was PACKED – perhaps to the point of not meeting fire codes, whoops. Our cast was nothing short of incredible. They rocked it Friday night! The audience was laughing crying, and clapping throughout these amazing personal stories. It was the biggest middle finger ever to Eve Ensler – haha! The original script doesn’t even come close to the real, unfiltered stories of different people.

After this incredible success, we were all ecstatic. We raised more money than I had expected in this “experimental” year – $550 and counting – for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!

And then the next morning I had my first race of 2014 (“Wow, you never stop!” was a response from a cast member, which I took as a compliment 🙂 ). If you read my previous post and races I’ve run, you’ll know that my 5k PR is a 9’48″/mi, and that I really really wanted to hit 9’40″/mi, but would’ve been happy in the 9’50” range as well (my last 5k I just managed to break 10′).

Well… I ended up doing way better than I had imagined! I managed to run a 9’30″/mi 5k and came in under 30 minutes! Beyond excited. I really pushed myself during this race because I wanted to beat my PR, and all my work paid off – even with my stupid shin splints 🙂 I was just pumped to run in my beautiful  Providence (proud Rhode Islander right here!).

Guess which one is me? LOL so many dudes in green...

Guess which one is me? LOL so many dudes in green…

We ran past familiar streets starting at the gorgeous State House, past the Lithuanian Society, churches and Chinese restaurants of the South Side. People came out of their homes to watch and cheer us on – it felt so incredible to be running in my familiar city!

My ponytail is doing something serious right here - is it being magnetically drawn to the State House?

My ponytail is doing something serious right here – is it being magnetically drawn to the State House?

And as my first mile came to a close, my Nike+ announced that I had just run a 9’22” mile! I was relieved and thrilled. I pulled through, up hills and while weaving through crowds, and broke into a huge grin when I crossed the finish line with a solid 9’30” pace.


Best of all, my adorable parents and girlfriend had made the trek out to see me race. Thanks to them, we have lots of sweaty photos of me!


Because my mom is fantastic, she cooked lasagna for a sweet family dinner after the race. It was even more delicious than usual, and that’s saying a lot.

Rosemary -infused mushrooms and garlicky spinach lasagna with a light bechamel sauce <3

Rosemary -infused mushrooms and garlicky spinach lasagna with a light bechamel sauce ❤

So because I’ve obviously been dancing around to (my beautiful fashionable flawless cheekbone-having boyfriend) Pharrell’s “Happy”, here is a video made by Tunisian Star Wars fans to the song. Because, duh.

Peace, sweat and love,


Sunday Runday

In light of the difficulty I had putting up new posts last month, I have decided to do better in March and blog, blog, blog! Also, I need to remind myself that I (being a classic perfectionist and mildly OCD) do not need to write a giant, life-changing, soul-touching post every single time I blog. This is surprisingly not apparent to me. Any other perfectionists out there, just getting in your own way?

Well, I was lucky enough to get a nice long run in. I did an easy 5 miler (didn’t have time for 6), and am super happy to report that when I was finished, my Nike+ app home screen looked like this:



I have officially run over 200 miles (using my Nike+ account)!!! That, and I have finally broken a 10’00 average. When I started running more seriously using this app last summer (around June/July) I was averaging 12’30” on my runs, and felt totally exhausted, if proud, after those grueling runs. Now I am able to run so, so much faster. Even if it’s not fast in comparison with really “serious” runners, I’ll take it! I ran my fastest mile the other day at 8’31”, and that is really big for me. I’m not a super fast runner – honestly I don’t think I’m built for speed, but rather endurance and strength – but this marks a major accomplishment for me. This makes me feel appreciative and even proud of my body, a body that I haven’t always had a great relationship with.

This weekend I have my St. Pat’s 5k – so I’m really excited for that! I’m hoping to beat my PR and come in at 9’40” or under. I’m at least feeling quite confident that I can come in under 10′, and probably  9’50”. We shall see!

In the meantime, I am going to take care of myself this week, get plenty of sleep (totally caught up on sleep this weekend after my horrendously busy and stressful week), and stay healthy. The gf is feeling sick, and I am nervous that she has something and that I’ll catch it, too! In light of this, I have summoned the wellness trifecta of chia seeds, organic yogurt, and Airborne to try to stay healthy despite the fact that I am a college student and am therefore basically unable to escape hordes of potentially sick people. *sigh*



Stay healthy everyone! I’m just waiting out this particularly brutal New England winter *shivering emoji*

Peace, sweat and love,