Sunday Runday

In light of the difficulty I had putting up new posts last month, I have decided to do better in March and blog, blog, blog! Also, I need to remind myself that I (being a classic perfectionist and mildly OCD) do not need to write a giant, life-changing, soul-touching post every single time I blog. This is surprisingly not apparent to me. Any other perfectionists out there, just getting in your own way?

Well, I was lucky enough to get a nice long run in. I did an easy 5 miler (didn’t have time for 6), and am super happy to report that when I was finished, my Nike+ app home screen looked like this:



I have officially run over 200 miles (using my Nike+ account)!!! That, and I have finally broken a 10’00 average. When I started running more seriously using this app last summer (around June/July) I was averaging 12’30” on my runs, and felt totally exhausted, if proud, after those grueling runs. Now I am able to run so, so much faster. Even if it’s not fast in comparison with really “serious” runners, I’ll take it! I ran my fastest mile the other day at 8’31”, and that is really big for me. I’m not a super fast runner – honestly I don’t think I’m built for speed, but rather endurance and strength – but this marks a major accomplishment for me. This makes me feel appreciative and even proud of my body, a body that I haven’t always had a great relationship with.

This weekend I have my St. Pat’s 5k – so I’m really excited for that! I’m hoping to beat my PR and come in at 9’40” or under. I’m at least feeling quite confident that I can come in under 10′, and probably  9’50”. We shall see!

In the meantime, I am going to take care of myself this week, get plenty of sleep (totally caught up on sleep this weekend after my horrendously busy and stressful week), and stay healthy. The gf is feeling sick, and I am nervous that she has something and that I’ll catch it, too! In light of this, I have summoned the wellness trifecta of chia seeds, organic yogurt, and Airborne to try to stay healthy despite the fact that I am a college student and am therefore basically unable to escape hordes of potentially sick people. *sigh*



Stay healthy everyone! I’m just waiting out this particularly brutal New England winter *shivering emoji*

Peace, sweat and love,